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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"


Dude looks like you got a troll, all the 10/10 comments have been marked useless, i marked all of them up but unless you want all of them deleted i suggest you get another one of your NG friends to come mark them up. Cause this is just too awesome of a cover, there have been many Beat It Heavy Metal covers but this one just seems to hit every right note. Keep it up!



No words can describe this! Just listen.

I think...

That this is great, and I'm glad you like his music too.

I also don't think he did any of that shit.

He most likely said it so he could get out of the paparazzi/court's crosshairs.


This is the greatest thing i've ever heard in my whole life i swear to god i honestly had a music orgasm please make more of these songs.


I love listening to this instrumental version you made of Beat It on my PSP!!! It's so freakin awesome!!! It's cool how you made the guitar do the vocalist's part. You got alot of potential and alot of talent, so keep up the good work.