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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"

Enjoy your free 10

Yeah. Doing this cover was the most intelligent (yet awesome) thing you could have done to get your song one of the greatest scores of all time. Simple equation:
Huge music star death + nearly 4 decades worth of hits + audacity to want to cover one of those songs + a little talent + metal = EPIC w00tpwnage!!
Quite easily one of the best songs I've heard out of you (and I've listened to everything you've posted here and on YouTube). Congrats. Good job.
P.S.: DJ-Twitch, your post nearly caused me to wet myself from laughter.

I Didn't review this yet?

I've listened to this like 50 times and I haven't reviewed. This is by far one of THE BEST songs in the Metal AP. Everything about it is amazing!
Excellent work!
I would show how much I uped your scor by 5ing it, but I've 5'd it too many times.


I didn't really think Beat It could be done in a metal fashion, but you did it perfectly. Really compliments the innovation behind Jackson's work.

there are two ways to do a cover.....

.... 1 in a way that sounds halfway decent and a way that sounds half assed...

.... 2 in a way that does the original such justice that it makes me want to cry tears of pure musical/ sexual pleasure....

you my friend have mastered the second part... great job.... it is amazing

Sounds Good!

I Love the Guitar in it :P sounds really Cool

R.I.P Mj