Reviews for "Lion King - F-777 ReMiX"


The beginning was perfect. All the synths made it sound beautiful. And the lead was awesome :DD. Nice job.


I never would have thought the music of The Lion King could reach new levels of amazing, but this track can really only be described as Epic. Unlike some, I thought the music was unique, yet still brilliantly retained enough of the melody to identify with the original. An exceptional tune.


i have them
great remix


I watched the lion king the next day after I got this. thogh i almost cryed at the part at 1:53. A very acurate rendition. i wold recomend having it sound more African though.


One reason why I've always liked this song in the movie was for it's power, energy, and amazing emotion. You did an excellent job keeping those qualities while adding a bit more life to the song. Love it :D