Reviews for "S.A.M.V. 5"


I thought that your comedic timing was excellent (especially the part about the blowjob). I also enjoyed the more subtler jokes (like the youth reverend getting a woody). I actually know a hippy mom like that who also has a fat, lazy son.

I checked out some of your others and, though funny, this was far surperior.

I also think it's quite admirable to take the time to reply to all of these posts.

Awesome Job.

BaconMask responds:

It always makes me happy when people tell me they've gone back to watch the older episodes. Seriously, it keeps me going! Without people to watch this series, there would be no point for me to make it. That's why I feel it's important to let people know that what they say DOES matter to me and I DO read every review. Thanks for the review man!

Heh, nice work

I liked it man...clever humor, it was pretty funny. You succeeded in makin' me want to see what happens next, so you can plan on me seein' the next one =)

BaconMask responds:

Kick ass! Thanks a lot bro! Be sure to give that one a review too =D

That was a hilarious flash dude

Great work...I'm going to watch the others cause' this was hilarious :p

BaconMask responds:

Awesome! Thanks a lot for watchin'!

LMAO dude, make more

I luved this man, i thoought it was fucken great

BaconMask responds:

Right on bro, thanks a million!

Not too bad

Fun to watch, in a way... it definatly had it's momments for 'the funny metre'. What else... oh yeah! The topless mom... really didn't need to see that... really O_O If I may quote (Like -you- can stop me from quoting XD C'mon! Try! C'mon! Whoops. Too late) "Ze goggles! Zey do nussing!!"

Graphics: You've improved from some of the previous episodes in the series, no doubting that... but it's still lacking in something. There isn't enough natural flow in the movements of the characters, or in anything else in the animation at that. After a while you get set into the pace of it and the mind forgets the whole problem indefinatly (a benifit of a long animation) The speaking n' mouth movements and whatnot were great. Keep improving, you've got an independant way of working flash I want to see more of.

Style: It's origonal, thankfully. Oh I'm not doubting the endless array of 'nerd flashes' out there depicting the fictatious lives of a grouping of nerdy friends. Dorks, geeks, and all mannor of outcasts have been the central point of comedy longer then a twinky can remain edible, even by the outcasts themselves! It's fun to poke fun at ones self. Where was I? Oh yeah. What you've got though is a more real life situation working here... though tweaked out as it is. Magic mushrooms and rat phobias, topless hippy mothers and christianity cons... it's real life set to the pace of Jerry springer, only with slightly less of the idiots screaming from the stands.

Sound: Reasonably good voices n' whatnots. What I really liked though was how each voice in the series really works with the character. Why did I give you a seven then? Well, for one, I hate myself and I believe BMW's are actually small fragments of satan in the form of cars. More specificially though there just werent any sound effects! Example. The scene where they're sitting back on the curb talking about ol' spikey heads lost electronic beloved. They're outside! A few passing car sounds, maybe a few crickets in the background? Other then that pretty good.

Violence: N/A

Interactivity: The basics plus an opener. Play, replay, replay w/out intro, site link.

Humor: Well it's funny... but not funny in a 'joke' sense... n' it gets far too serious in parts to be considered a comedy... I'm so confused!! Oh wait, I'm a teenage male, I don't -think-. Ahhh thats better.

Overall a very funny installment of the series. Keep improving and I'd love to see more!
Nice boner animation,


P.S. This may be a completly random questions... but hell thats my bread and butter. What makes Melvin's hair so pointy?

BaconMask responds:

Whoa, what a review! Man, reading over it, I truly agree with you. I REALLY think I could add a lot more sound effects. It would definately enrich the whole experience. As far as story goes... I intended this to be 80% comedy and 20% serious. Juuuust enough serious to add a little meat to its bones, give it an element of realism. Life can really get hard, and I wanted to express that. With the help of friends, however, it's much easier. I wanted to express that too.

As far as the graphics go... maybe I could have worked a little more on uniformity. You're right, there is an emptiness in some of the scenes (like the church... just not enough going on and the colors don't mesh). I'll iron it out in part two.

As far as Melvin's hair goes... He never cuts it because he's not into his appearance. And, it's probably all greasy from long hours on the computer. Ick.

Thanks a lot, your review opened my eyes to a lot of opportunities I should take! Please review part 2 when it comes out. =D