Reviews for "Sprite Sprite Commercial"

.......i'm thirsty.

at first, i thought that was a typo, but then you brang out that refreshing drink. btw, nice Sprite.....sprite. it looked like an actual bottle of sprite. that groin kick was classic. you're doing pretty good with your first sprite flash. i love it! peace.


this sprite is pretty good, at least this one is funny unlike a lot of other sprites. I love that at the end when bowser gets kicked in the nuts by mario. i love it when people get kicked in the balls!

Hahaha good one

It really made me laugh, good job! May be next time you could give us two or three ads like that one, just to make the fun last longer ;)

You forgot one thing...


Great stuff dood, too bad i cant stand Sprite.


Everithing I see is well done... the ending was good and totally unexpected (almost for me)...

The spriting (not the drink) technique was good and well performed.

The bad piont? it was too short... but I think is enough for the entire theme

Keep that style and humour sense!!