Reviews for "Sprite Sprite Commercial"

((( GOOD )))

Well it was good, and i did enjoy watching it. The loading thing was really funny, and the animation was pretty good, i like the whole idea behind this its really good at being like the old classic games, and good to watch...


Its all the crotch kick

T'was funny..... Crotch kick!

Did you get paid to do that?

if you didn't get paid to make that then your are the worst kind of sellout ever, you are freely promoting a product for someone who doesn't need it, and beisdes sprite sucks it's just lemon (or lime) flavored bone depletion.

MurryScurry responds:

Ugghhhh... it's a long story why I made this flash movie a Sprite commercial. It's not because I was paid or because i'm a sprite fanatic. It has to do with a series of movies (video recorder not flash) me and my cousin made making fun of Mountain Dew commercials. Then later, me and my friends did the same thing but instead of Mountain Dew, it was Sprite. So this is just a Flash version of one of those movies.


I laughed for about one min. Then stoped. Then voted 4. Then drank a sprite.


omg the ending owned lol