Reviews for "Exzez - Woodland #alpha 0.3"


Very nice, calming track! The softness of the tune brings you into it slowly and the panning actually grabs your attention and holds you in for longer. By the time the drums came in i was completely sold. The panning especially was great, in fact personally I think the panning was perfect.

A very powerful and mesmerizing song! Definitely has my download. =]
Keep up the great work =]

Very Nice

Looking to use this in my online game.

Very good; If I was to offer improvements, some more variation would be nice.


exzez responds:

you are right with the variation, but i cant edit/finish this project because i cant load it (cause error)

thanks for your response

entered the next level!!!

so i like first your way to produce this track, you have a good ambient track with a story that i like, reverb progression are very soften and right left conditions are avery good choice here.
incoming beat sounds like enigma

keep it up my friend

greetz (check out my new track, Oceans Dream)

exzez responds:

thank you so much :>
i´ll check your track later

greets & cheers

Perfect but short

I enjoyed listening to this, also have downloaded it :)

It make sme relaxed when I hear it. The only down side is that its a bit too short, but still great.

exzez responds:

ty for your opinion...
it´s important for me =)



this one of the finest examples of modern ambient music

very smoth transitions

an ideal chilling beat

and the fitting instruments

great work exzez ;)

exzez responds:

oh thank you :>
i hope i get it finished
its a lot of work

best wishes