Reviews for "Exzez - Woodland #alpha 0.3"


When I heard this song start playing, immediately I thought of the game Mass Effect. If you've ever played it, this song would remind you of exploring the terrain of an unknown planet. As soon as I heard this, I thought,'This one's gonna be good.' And I didn't think wrong. Wasn't disappointed at all. Great soft melody playing throughout the song. Makes it easy to get lost in thought haha. Excellent job.

toataly entrancing

It was like being in a sensory depravation tank I imangined everything i ever saw in 1 song great stuff keep it up

ooh, food for my ears

i could listen to this all day man...

where am i??

I felt as if i was ontop of a forest and a seen barrels and bananas i also saw a red balloon....and a small hut on top of a tree with the lights on ...beautiful song

Had this on for awhile

It's nice. I can't think of anything else to say :P

Good day sir