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Reviews for "YAAFM 10: 50 Cent"

very good of you walrus sir...

i thought you quit the YAAFM series...

well its good to see you back up with another flash...good job.

I take back what i said about you Walrus

I was really pissed when you bashed Moore, but then i realized.. your right... your a democratic but he is a fucking moron.... a shitload of us people down here in Mid Michigan HATE 50 cent with a passion, we think of him as a poser and think he sucks ass.... we love to make fun out of him... and this is the PERFECT thing i could possible have seen about that fucking jackass thug.

You made my day and many others as well. I hope someday you will study Shawn Michaels of the WWE and Bash him... id help you too with why hes a fucking moron, because hes a hypocrit, liar, and everything else, if you did a YAAFM on HBK, id love you forever.. seriously, infact a TON of us wrestling fans would too... thank you, your the best flash artist i know...

Allan Caesar III

Fresh squeezed truth

YAAFM has never been biased toward one idology or anouther. Case in point, both George W. and Michal Moore have been hit with the beating stick on this program. Watch this flash with an open mind. Remeber that this flash has many facts to back up the opinions expressed.


yea.......flash is good but also a good point, as far as rap goes 50cents is pretty bad and anyoing


there is just no better way to put it. 50 Cent you are a fucking moron. Thank you for that proving how gay he really was. Gangsta my ass more like a fucking pussy and quite the dumbass. You should really do one on enimen id love to see that loser get bashed as badly as this dumbass 50 cent