Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

Kinda boring

Like you said yourself, this is too easy. It's pretty one dimensional, because there's nothing really to jump over or avoid and no real skill involved in shooting the guys that come at you.

I look forward to seeing your better game.


the idea is cool, but the game sucks dude, work a bit harder next time

Wow Amazing

If you were trying to suck you would've done nicely

How to Win
Get in car
drive to base
get flag
return to base
get out
return flag

Chance of failure 0%

JUst stop trying to play off of Halos Popularity


the controls sucked and what was with the guys respawing right were they died?


well it didnt seem like you put a lot of effort into this... i know you can do better... it was fun at first... the first few seconds... anyway it has probably no point, i mean like just go around capturing the flag back and forth and superiorly simple gameplay. Need more challenges and weapons and... yea... well nice job overall anyway