Reviews for "-Ricochet Love-"

Great Job!

Solid beat, wothout sacrificing a melody worthy of getting stuck in my head. Great song, nice work!

Waterflame responds:

haha nice one :D thank you so much :D

I feel a little out of place...

All these other reviews are so long and detailed. I dont really know much about music so i cant make any materialistic suggestions... But what you do is beyond words. There is absolutely nothing bad about your music. I personally think you should be famous by now, but enough kissing of the asses, for I have nothing to contribute (at least nothing that hasn't already been contributed)

Make more?

Waterflame responds:

haha, i know how you feel there. so dont worry about it ;) your review makes me just as happy as any other review would! :D thank you for your kind words <3 and i will make more, ofcource! make more and never stop! thanks!


It all blends together, for all the different genres. The 8-bit matched really well, and I don't think I would do too well trying to do that. the reverby effect gave it a really cool feel. (and if I may ask, what keyboard do you use? :3) 9/10

Waterflame responds:

Thanks man! yeah the 8bit is actually bitcrushed drums, but i guess you figured that out. i use a roland Edirol pcr300, and a triggerfinger!

Epic is right!

Your smooth combination of very different styles is amazing. I found the song as a whole to be very emotionally evocative. But the ending in particular was fantastic: it really helped emphasize the epic feel of the song.

Also, all the work you said you did on mastering was definitely worth it: it REALLY made the song especially awesome.

Keep it up! I'm looking forward to more great tracks from you!

Waterflame responds:

sweet! thank you! im so happy pepole think ive nailed the fusion style of this track, altho ive always been making Orchestral techno, this kinda seals the deal. thank you for the awesome review :D keep your eyes open for my next submition, indeed!

Hell yeah =D

You did everything right from since I heard this. The 8-bit synths that I thought were a little crackly sound great now. (or perhaps i'm just using better speakers)

You hit the epic feel right on the head. It simply sounds great, cohesive (which had been a complaint of mine for a few of your more recent ones =O) and overall very powerful. The mastering does add ALOT.

Overall, I simply love when you combine two distinctly different melodies/feels into one solid picture. The high, light melodies and the hard-hitting drums contrast yet work together in a way that makes it simply awesome =D

4.83 at the time of my voting. Most excellent ;P

Waterflame responds:

Woot thank you so much man :D a great review :D glad you think i managed to clean the errors up and fix it! :D ill keep on mastering my songs better from now on. it gives better result, altho it takes about twice as much time. again, thanks! <3