Reviews for "Segata Sanshiro"

Hehe sega saturn!

I can't remember where I've heard that epic music before, but your lyrics fit it well. I don't care too much for your singing but it's pretty good and it just adds to the funnyness of the piece. ^_^

Epic Indeed.

Simply amazing!!! Chuck Norris fears Segata-Sanshiro!!! HELL YEAH!!!

Haha !

Really amazing ! Great job !

This truly brings a tear to my eye...

I laud this tribute to the most beautiful epic music ever composed. I'm truly humbled that you think that I can overpower Chuck Norris. And your voice is much better than Yoko Ono, to boot! If only this English version was around to strengthen Sega Saturn sales over in North America...

In short, thanks for the great tribute. Now everyone go play Sega Saturn.


Great song! Total awesomeness.. SEEGATAA SANSHIROO!