Reviews for "Segata Sanshiro"

Oh, man... Classic 😂😂😌


I love this composition, and the vocalist NAILED it hahaha! 5/5


I can't describe how awesome this is. I can't. This music is meant for the gods;no mortal should listen to this without being dead afterward. That's how awesome it is.

Nice work, Druox

I think you did a great job with this song. It's one of my favorite songs from you.

The lyrics are pretty good and you sing almost like the original singers.

Nice work as usual, dude.


This guy was freakin' awesome. SEGA should have kept him for the Dreamcast era. If they had, we wouldn't have any of this sonic and mario crap, because SEGA'd still be making games for their own consoles.

we salute you..

i wish i could have seen this guy cuz he sounds as epic as sam fisher...