Reviews for "PICONJO Confession XIII"

What an entertaining animation! :D

I've heard that your animations are required viewing at Harvard, Stanford, and many, many other colleges. Many professors claim that you are the "like Shakespeare, but smarter".


why do everyone pick on you?
may teh gay go away. Piconjo you so <3


only piconjo crying good animation

I <3 j00 Piconjo

These confessions are all very sad. Well, I only ever heard of Piconjo today, but I completely <3 j00!!! Also, listening to the FFX song in the background of all of these "Confessions" makes me want to go play FFX and makes me wonder why I didn't instead of watching these "Confessions" and then I remembered that I <3 j00 Piconjo!!!!!!1111


i cried when i saw this animation i still i like him even if he's a bad guy and he can always change himself into a good guy if he wants too ;-(