Reviews for "PICONJO Confession XIII"


Funny thing is. You make the most crap but yet your one of the most famous flash artists because of the bad flash movies making fun of other artists. I have never known anyone who doesnt know your name.

I only watyched this because..

Final Fantasy X music!!!!


After watching this, I looked at the other confessions, which by the way I like quite a bit. Compared to those, this doesn't have much, even the one with you muted was more substance. Otherthan your fans, many people will probably not get this, not knowing of the other confession flashes.


why do everyone pick on you?
may teh gay go away. Piconjo you so <3

Wow, not a penis in site. I am almost impressed.

But awwwww, your crying. T_T Is it because no one likes "joo?" Maybe if you submitted something that is actually QUALITY (IE, plot story good graphics) you wouldn't have som many people flaming at you. Just a thought, although it should have been obvious...