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Reviews for "Windows XP: Home Edition"


Seen too many better windows spoofs. didnt like it.

You know too little about Windows to be using it.

Go crawl back to your Fedora core. Nobody likes a Crybaby... when you want something that won't go Hitler on your computer come crawling back to Windows. for PC it's the best you've got. I strongly suggest you either do the past options, or buy a Mac and shut the fuck up. (I'm a Mac user, but even with past experience in Linux and Windows... I would STILL use Windows.)

Well, Kinda.....

Everyone has windows XP, just takes a good peron to know how to use it. I dont use IE i use Firefox. I use a secondary firewall, and a secondary virus scaner. I usually get the updates the moment they come out, and defrag and maintain my system once a week. Microsoft Spyware Beta is a good program, and thats free. I guess you were busy looking at porn, and not taking good of your system to render it useless. I am only saying this cause hey, its the truth.

its been done to death.

it was funny the first 10 times. after that i just couldnt stand windows emulators.