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Reviews for "Windows XP: Home Edition"

hahaha nice

ive seen many of these...the other ones looked better but this one was way funnier. the best part was that dog on the search menu

its obviose

ya man we all know how much windows xp is a large hunk of shit and you diceded ot make a game out of it(nice job)by showing the true shit of xp and its many defaults I gave you a 9

heh, no kidding!

Yeah. I know how that rolls. Bill Gates a rich bitch asshole. He makes shitty software and sells patches and bs like that. I'm considering Linux. Thanks for the entertaining and pretty realistic view of our shitty pc OS. But hey, it outdoes mac, right? Nice penguin wallpaper, by the way.

Pretty cool

Not the best Windows clone I've seen but it's ok. You give alot of reasons why Microsoft sucks (alot of people do) so that made it pretty funny. You should really look at that first guy who started the Windows clone. I think it was called Windows AIDS or w/e. His was very good. You should get some pointers from him. But this was pretty good though. Wasn't nuttin really wrong wit da dog to me lol he was...OK ;). Nice flash skillz though keep up the good work. 2 thumbz up d('.'d)

I'd like to see a clone for once with some more god damn sound...geesh lol...

Not that great

Not eneough features. good foundation for an even better game that could be created.