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Reviews for "Juggernaut (loop)"

Holy shit.

Holy shit. This is an amazing loop that is deserving of a good full-length song. I'd listen to this everyday, every hour. It's almost better than Noisia.

You suck!

wow this sounds like shit.

lol... :3


Pretty awesome loop.

This has great potential for a full song if you do some modification to it, but I love it. The sound is very original, and the plucks are so close to each other that it's too hard to make them out as individual notes. 9/10, 5/5 <3

This NEEDS to be a full song

All I can say, and I'm going to say, is that this rather small loop has all the potential it needs to be, like mentioned by other Newgrounders, a kick-ass beat.
I mean all ready while listening to this you just wanna rock the house, a full song, will make you want to shake up an entire city!
That's my word, as small as the song,



You got some real musical man.
The reason for me giving 9/10 is
because ITS SO SHORT!!! :P

By the way, what software do you
use to make your music?