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Reviews for "Juggernaut (loop)"


Nice manipulation, although it's just extra notes to each pluck, the way you contort them and maintain a simple beat gives it the best replay ability.

I suppose in the entirety of a song it'd have to be a bridge or a surprise breakdown, since its intensity and function as bass would probably get compromised by anything other then the drums.

I've listened to it about 20 times now.

full song!!

it'd be kickass if this was a whole song!!!!.

damn nice!

how the hell did you make that bass?

cornandbeans responds:

hmmm.... It was originally a plucky bass sample I made that I added some loop points to and did some automation with a couple filters and a phaser. There's a lot more processing that I can't remember, but I think that's the gist of the sound. :)