Reviews for "The Siren"


Loved it, very pro


Awsome just Awsome it sounds so commercial as other people have said. May i ask what program you used to record?


Oh my... wow...

That's beautiful... I don't know what to say..

I gave you a perfect because you'd have to be an idiot not think that this is amazing.
I wish it were played on my radio...

Ballymena! You legend!

I'm up in your hood. Bet you get a lot of that right?
Congratulations on The radio play..
A great song, reckon it's kinda like a mellow oasis tune, without Liam screamin down "SUNSHYYYYNE!"
Someone said below, sounds a bit commercial..spot on.
Respect to the drummer and vocalist, if its not just you.

Solid beat

Oh man, this is so pro, how'd you do it? Ah well, respect, class tune, 10/10