Reviews for "The Siren"

Awsome...but flawed.

All right, normally I would give a song like this a glowing review...but the instrumentals were recorded far too loud, at least to start. With my volume turned down, the music is still loud. By comparison, the lyrics were almost inaudible...probably because of how low my volume was to acomodate the music. You may need to adjust your balance...or it might be my speakers.


Jesus, this is kickass. All hail Britpop, and all hail this! Awesome!

I really likes it

It's really a very relaxing song. After listening to this, it's like all of my stresses are lifted for like an hour. I could sleep my best sleep ever after listening to this. Thanks man!

good stuff

its very rare to find stuff of this quality in here, i really liked this


man, i dont know why it had a 1.67 score, some jerk is probobly going around giving 0s just so he can keep his higher, but i liked it asome, it should be like a 4.5 if everyone judged fairly.