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Reviews for "Grave 2"

now this is what newgrounds needs

A 13 year old animator with enough skill to take on the big boys of animating, First of all Excellent job. if you are this good now only more good things can come from you as u get better and better, with each game or flash u create
this game is a masterpiece.
however my quirks are more variaity of weapons have some secert easter eggs weapons maybe newground weapons like the bedn gun lol etc be more creative in weapons and
add more sound effects

other than that this is a movie that kicks some serious ass
newgrounds needs more people like you i look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future


It was a ok game, but the hitboxes on the spiders was screwed up, i shoot exactly on the body 5 times before it died.. This is why i lost.. Overall its ok


for someone who isn't a artist the drawings are ok we have all seen worse crap and blammed it i'm sure gameplay was fun you did a ok job of making 3 differant weapons...i'm a clown and i did people in hot sause and eat there flesh


"13 year old programmer" holy shit your head must be huge.
the game was fun a few thing to fix but its the best game of its type i'v seen on newgrounds.
I hope to see alot more of your work

kinda good lol

its not exactly a game were you kill hords of zombies but they throw ninja stars so thats cool ... as you said your not an artist and that shows lol ... but its good i geuss and also when you kill the spiders they sound like glass lol .... but its uhh ... hold on ...ummm ... well its not exactly awsomly cool but i liked it ... its a time killer lol