Reviews for "The Hit"

This is just... It's simply... Wow. It is rare to see Newgrounds front pagers with such attention to intricate detail, especially with paint.

I absolutely adore every single element of this piece, fron the detail in the signs, to the graffiti, to the futuristic (and rather sweet-ass) car. You have really painted not one, but two pictures. One is the obvious, the scene itself complete with all of it's awesome details. However, the second is equally amazing, the drama that could unfold in pursuit of this Mr. McHarbridge.

I imagine this much like the city within the movie, the 5th Element, in that different classes of people live in the higher up potions. The lack of witnesses just speaks loads as to the types you would have at the ground level.

Wow... Futuristic mob hit. I would love to see the whole scene drawn out into a comic or something... This is excellent work!

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

I can't believe how well you've nailed the narrative from the image, but it is a good compliment to receive because my main intention was to deliver an entire stylized neo-gangster narrative from a single panel.

One of the main reasons this took so long was due to a large exploration effort in techniques and establishing 'norms' for doing certain things; I have a system for producing reflections, another for billboards, another one LED advertising, another for drain pipes.... etc.

Cheers though! Except to see more of this story... I might call it Ground Level or something.

This really is amazing mate!

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Cheers mate!
People, this is the amazing photographer that was the genesis of this image!
Check out his gallery, just smash in Adam Chant Photographer into FB or Google.
Do it!

I was wondering "What kind of idiot parks their Bugatti in a shady ass place like that" but then I read the text.

I love this piece. I love the colors. I love the subject matter. I LOVE the amount of detail. I can only hope to one day reach half this level of detail in my own work.

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

The piece-of-shit kind that may of messed with the mob the wrong way.

I'm sure you will, if you see my earlier works, my game really only picked up in 2012. Feel free to PM me if you need any tips/advice or you can check out echocharliedelta.com for advice/breakdowns on producing narrative in images, as well as making them or techniques used to make them.

12 hours of Hell yields something utterly absorbing, detailed and realistically rendered. The subject matter is without reproach. Is that a Bugatti, with the ass-end of a hover-car from Blade Runners?

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Bugatti Veyron 2084 Classic Edition with a black pearl finish and an aftermarket front sweeper-bumper kit (ground level garbage is unpredictable).

Incredible piece! Nice job! :D

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Thanks a lot mate!