Reviews for "The Hit"

One word: EPIC

EchoCharlieDelta responds:



EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Thank you!

Of all the meticulous and intricate details in this artwork, I think my favourite is the red milk crates.
The vibrancy of the piece is very engaging as well. I love the high contrast and vivid colour scheme.
My only gripe is that this painting isn't part of something bigger. The concept is too captivating for there not to be a movie or a full comic to view.
It's such a teaser and I hate that.

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Thank you for the comments. Just letting you know, due to an overwhelming response here on NG and also in other platforms, the second one is in the making. In early 2013, we'll be collaborating with a proper creative studio to make more of these by their request.

Glad to see this stuff is still alive and kicking

The lower left and right parts get a bit hard on the eyes, though; too much contrast.

Otherwise, good.

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Alive and kicking is an understatement - I think the cyberpunk comic style is having a come back lately with games/films/anime.

Not sure about the contrast, are you referring to the focus? Because that was intentional.

Masterpiece of comics
good job bbb :D

EchoCharlieDelta responds:

Thanks buddy, appreciate it!