Reviews for "Idiots Anonymous - ep. 5"

Love it

loved it...the best one yet, graphics were off, but that what IA is about, right? this series is one of the very things i ever watched on newgrounds. keep em comin man


This time I gave the humor a 4 b/c it didn't quite make me laugh like the others & the overall score was a 5 b/c I didn't really quite like this one.If I had to say what part I DID like,I'd have to say when Bill was doing the dating service video, "...and my favorite word to say is tapiocaaaa...." & I did like when Paul got hit by a truck.I kinda chuckled,but I was a bit disappointed with this one.

Fucking Hilarious!

I absalutely love this series and hope to see a next episode soon!

Hooray for Ep. 5!!!

That was great. The dating video and the gay guy were priceless!!! I can't wait for ep. 6.

Again, LOL. WTF? That was even better than 4

OMG that was fucking amazing, you can't not love Bill, he fucking rocks. That was funny as fuck, the start wasn't too funny but the rest of it damn sure was, seriously man you have to make more of these, I would love to see an episode 6. This has to be one of the weirdest series I've ever seen, you love it but you don't have any idea why it's WTF in a good way, I love it, it's so unique, my hat's off to you sir.