Reviews for "Idiots Anonymous - ep. 5"


hey i'm a big fan of ur idiots anonymous series i've seen many good reviews about ur series and u should make more peploe love ur work man.

I love this series but

do you ever plan on making more? :(

pretty cool

ok so ive seen all of em and instead of 5 reviews for each one ill just give u one review for all. its pointless, insane, idiotic, and well its perfect for me. i loved em especially this last one, nice job. the only one i really didnt like was the one with bill getting run over (3rd one i think for those who dont know). but i can definitely see this as being something ill definitely continue to watch and show to my friends. good luck in the future with these =)


If there was a 11 for humor i would've given it! I cuold totally relate to that monster truck rally thing. I almost died laughing there cuz it was just like the commercials...just alot funnier! Keep it up dude, GJ.

great job

you seriosly have a feuture in animating.