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Reviews for "''Breaking Shot''"

Love it!
Super sexy, my friend. ;D

Fatelogic responds:

Thx bud ^^

OMG this is amazing i wanna play i want to PLAY!!! :DD

Fatelogic responds:

There aren't enough cues... you'll have to share one with them ;)

Great piece! I'm glad that you were able to finish it twice! ;)

Fatelogic responds:

xD It was hell, but it paid off ^^ Thx.

dem butts :3

hey uh..what would happen if the 8 ball misses and bounces of of the the girls butt ;p

sorry my mind gets strange sometimes lol

Amazing, truly up to expectations. I love your style. The only issue that I see is that the buttocks seem a little lopsided and perhaps inhumanly large. Still, great job.

Fatelogic responds:

Strange, I find them somewhat small... :S