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Reviews for "''Breaking Shot''"

Gosh! It looks fantastic! Jeez, just everything about it is awesome! Just one minor gripe; isn't the chica on the left supposed to have a cutie mark? Again though, very minor part. In no way detracts from the glory of the picture!

Fatelogic responds:

She WAS supposed to have it, but then I noticed two things:

1) The mark should be on her right buttcheek, so it woulnd't be visible in that position.
2) I really... REALLY felt like that particular cutiemark would look kinda off there... I mean, since she's 100% humanized, that particular mark would have looked like a strange birthmark or something like that... It just didn't fit the piece, so I decided to skip it.

Glad u liked it ^^

Looks great, I'll fave it on DA later, i'm to lazy to right now XD

Fatelogic responds:

xD If you're lazy, then imagine my situation after days of working over this xD

Glad u liked it btw, pal.

Amazing, good job man, you deserve the 5 stars.

Fatelogic responds:

Thanks ^^

they look, so Damn sexy , i would like a lap Dance if i could get one and What happends when we pull down there Panties,Can we see there Full ass........

Hell freakin yes! (^-^)