Reviews for "I am a cow"

Odd... this was somewhat pervert...

Anyway, fucking funny! This was hilarious! And the graphics were excellent... Keep it up!
Irgendwie nett einen anderen Österreichischen Flashfreak auf Newgrounds zu sehen! Hehe...

stupid ass story line

i gotta say ur a good artist, the style and way u did the characters was nice, and i hope i can work up to that kind of skill..

but the story line was just CRAP..
sick and twisted and made no sense
not really to funny, very odd fettish,
i'm sure when it came from ur mind it seemed very funny,
u must have gottin the idea of some fucked up porn site..

if not, damn--> GET A LIFE!!! --> lol, remind u of something?

the cartoon graphics were sweet *thumbs up*

it must have taken u so long to make, unlike 6 hours like mine.. lol

NiN responds:

hey, did you ever watch through the portal? most of the movies there make no sense! ist just a funny cartoon, a crazy music video... but NOTHING serious! the idea was not from myself (it was from eric), i did only some graphics work (okay, MOST of the graphics work ;)...don't know how much time i spent on it...think a few months (2-3). nevermind... thanx for the review!

cow's will rule the world!

cow's will rule the world!
cow's will rule the world!
cow's will rule the world!
cow's will rule the world!

Udderly ridiculous... damn, what a stupid pun...

Any cow flash wins an automatic five from me. Cows are the fodder for humor. Every flash movie should include one cow. In fact, if you added a cow or two to "Goldilocks", that might actually make it tolerable... but again, cows! Yay!

I like it.

The best thing on newgrounds with a cow. The very last part is a nice touch :)