Reviews for "I am a cow"

kick ass movie

nice movie and why do you say it was a dream i dont think it was oh well kick ass movie

lol great movie

lmao why do u ppl say what he did was gross? if u payed attention, the cow was just dreaming all of this, the farmer was just trying to get milk!

btw i dont get bull dyke...can sum1 explain this to me?

Very disturbing but funny

Yes it was good i just have to say 1 thing. in the pre loader it shows the inside of a cow. it shows 3 stomicks but cows have 4. that is the only bad thing i have 2 say good job

Heh, funny

Good movie, funny song, and Kieldro, did you not see the bumper sticker that says "Bull dyke"?


Why did the cow drive off with the farmer's wife? COWS are FEMALE, BULLS are MALE. Clearly a lesbian cow