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Reviews for "Awkward Nature"

ah a ha hahaha SWEET!

this was cute! animal on animal violence!!! lol. i wanna know is, will there be more? i hope so! you can always count on me to give you a 5/5! you rock my socks!

HOly f***

this was the bizzomb. i liked it from start to finish. it was riveting. that rat can go to hell with his corn. that character is a little too 'serious' looking though. maybe if you made the main character a little more 'cartoony'. less details and stuff. that was some good animating though.

That was rather enjoyable.

I loved it . It was just too funny for words really. Should deffinetly make more of these! I mean heck, that was a classic. I've never laughed so hard. I liked your art too, the work on it, I think, was quite a good job.

Wow, this rocked my socks!

I loved the voice of the raccoon, and the whole plot was very funny. It taught me one thing: ALL SQUIRRELS ARE EVIL!!!


Really good cartoon. It's a pretty basic set up with 2 characters that want the same thing, but you made it really funny with the squirrel sounds and the trap. You should send this out to some festivals, it might win something. Thanks for making it, I enjoyed watching it.