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Reviews for "Awkward Nature"

lemme ask..

was this supposed to be funny? cuz it kinda failed in the comedy department. however, the animation was flawless. and this was the best-sounding vocals in a flash i've heard in a long time. the concept was pretty original too. all in all, this is a very, very well-executed movie, and i look forward to seeing more

More please!

Very nicely done, simple and to the point.... Lets see more of this, make this a series, and have the raccon do more interesting things.. I.E, ore Sex, Violence and all that good stuff.... but overall not a bad attempt.. some tweaking but story line made up for any programing errors

nice music


Very nice

Heh, a squirrel taking corn. Who saw that one coming?

Good with a few flaws.

The animation was quite good, but as others stated: the disappearing head. Such a major flaw cannot be overlooked, so I wonder why you didn't notice when testing your own video (if you didn't do that, then you'd better do so next time).

The sound was OK. The voice-acting was good enough, but could be improved.

The plot was funny too. I didn't expect the stone at the end, as the squirrel seemed happy before he threw the stone.

As I said before, the disappearing head is the biggest problem. Next time, check your animations a few times by watching them yourself, as such a big thing cannot be overlooked.