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Reviews for "Love will be shown."


thhe intro isn't bad, not the best either, but i cant dock you for that cause thats ussually the harder part.
the over all beat isn't bad either. the instruments are great but a little to over welming, but again i like the piano.
unfortunately i can only give you a 4/5 and an 8/10.
however i can see the work that you put in to it song good job and keep it up bro

Helth responds:

it took 1 hour =D, well thanks for the review again!


So I checked out your top 5.

This is much better than "A single kiss".
Everything just seems right, but again.. it still feels a little claustrophobic... some nice reverb effects would be good... and again, at 1:30ish.. that effect.. could last longer..
But it's all very lovely. {:

( "A single kiss" works better as a loop. ;P )

Helth responds:

thanks =]

i like it like this XD, doesnt need reverb, caus i added some other effects ;]

thanks anyway =D

Interesting stuff.

I'd call this R&B, if anything.

Not much I have to say about this one, other than that it's pretty catchy and melodic.

Helth responds:

Thanks, didnt know wich genre ;]


Congrats on top five buddy!

I'm liking where your going with this. The melody in this really does catch the ear. You should get with me sometime and i'll let ya hear a snippet of my latest song i'm working on. This kinda reminds me of it! Anyway, wonderful use of instruments, great melody, the piano is nice to listen to. As always bro, keep up the good work!


Helth responds:

lol a 8 :P



Well this is a great sort of ambient piece, but nothing from the melody really comes out and grabs you-- you know? Everything's there, but it's all squished into the same sound space, so there's not much room for the instrumentation to expand. If you spread the strings out a little more, gave their textures a little more contrast, and deepen that piano, I bet this would be an awesome song.

Overall, this is pretty good, I like it, but it could use a little touch up.

Helth responds:

okay thanks alot for the advices!