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Reviews for "Love will be shown."

agree with the guy below me

this was going just like the title.
it's shown now.
I liked the beat. It's enough calmed down, not like the others songs: beat is under controll, I mean the beat s fast. good job, man, and keep on ur way!

Helth responds:

thanks man! =D, i tryed to make the beat "slow" too :P



Beautiful song, It has a hip-hoppish sound to it but it also has a sort of "Classical" romantic sound as well thanks to the piano and the violin (?)

I'm glad I listened to this. It made my day better.

5/5 10/10


So few people understand the importance of love anymore its shameful.

People can say love is important but what do they do about it. Nothing.

The fact is that the simple virtue of "Real" love is dieing. It has been for the past 300 years.

But at least when it goes I'll still be holding onto it.

Love = Life

Helth responds:

very very nice review man! im seriously glad you like it!

and i 100% agree in what u say =D



I'll 5 this one for sure.
Great job!
Oh, and i love the panflute :P


Helth responds:

thanks man!

Helth =]


Well this is a great sort of ambient piece, but nothing from the melody really comes out and grabs you-- you know? Everything's there, but it's all squished into the same sound space, so there's not much room for the instrumentation to expand. If you spread the strings out a little more, gave their textures a little more contrast, and deepen that piano, I bet this would be an awesome song.

Overall, this is pretty good, I like it, but it could use a little touch up.

Helth responds:

okay thanks alot for the advices!




That was utterly moving. Best song you have done by far!

Helth responds:

thanks man ! =D