Reviews for "NG TT Series Finale -A"

good videos guys

in my personal opinion here is where my vote stands:
1'st place: Weirdo9's The mugging
2'nd place:Afro-Ninja's
3'rd place:Squeezy's and Luis's uber bot video
There was no 4'th place simply because there was no need for it all of the videos went above and beyond my expectations. I hope i can see more colabs from you 4 later on in life but until then, i will keep on refining my animation skills so that one day i may just be as good as you 4 are.


i like the luis animation

that was kinda lame

all those where kinda lame to me i didnt much care for that


wheres the play button?


I couldnt watch it all, I got to some scene with a guy strangling this woman. That was satanic.