Reviews for "NG TT Series Finale -A"

I loved this if only because nearly every animator is a very well known one! It's great to see such good work by you guys! I think my favorite would have to be Luis. I wasn't expecting Darnell's head to explode like that. I thought you'd use audio with words. I kind of feel bad for not being satisfied with the music.

I do enjoy seeing how cool it is to see the same mood show up. That IS a long list of thank yous. Wait, yous isn't a word? Anyway, Afro-Ninja's was probably the most unique. It even had a different way of turning on!

I still think how can you strangle a human so his hair fall off, eyes gouge out, blood going out of nose and mouth. It seems impossible to me.

Excellent! After searching for god knows long I finally found this! It was Squeezy's and Luis's flash that compelle me to find it. I even message Tom in an effort to help me out. Guess I didn't need his help after all. Sorry Tom :( Anyway always something worh watching.


can you atleast make something that ISN'T so Gruesome or something?This is criticism so just making a point.

I like them!

I like them all exept sqeezy's anmation.It's kinda disturbing.