Reviews for "Pale Ice"

I agree with S-destroyer and you

This should be a ful version song. And that you are busy with other projects. But should you find the time please finish this. Its really ea beautiful piece of work that should not be left unfinished.

amazing piece!

for some reason listening to this makes me think of a rpg styled cave where somewhere deep inside there is a relic of somesort that you need to get and this sounds like the perfect tune for a level of something like that still amazing piece of work 15/15 here

"Beautiful, just simply beautiful!"

Ambient is my favorite genre in music making. Its also more relaxing to make. The beginning almost sound like maplestory (for some reason, i tought so. lol). Anyway nice and relaxing peace of music.. to bad it was a little to short for my taste. But its still get a 10/10!

Keep on making music.


Warmed my heart,

how ironic, Pale Ice warms a heart.

This calming music, left on a loop can cure even the most down of moods.
I wish I could find a use for it in one of my upcoming film projecs, if I do, I'll let you know.

But alas, please make more of this type of music, it soothes the soul far better than any anti-depressant.

Winterwind-NS responds:

Thanks for the kind words

Very calm.

Peaceful music!