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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


I voted 5 ON THIS FIRST and first to review. YES!!!1
I love this series. Submit the last one. Good job.

Good but not as good.

It was good. I still laughed a bit, but not as hard at 1 or 2/1. I hope it was just building for part 3. I still love it,

Wow ... this - seriously - kicked - asses!

Graphic=9 : It was awesome, but there still could be a little improvement about them.
Style=10 : It's original, it rocks, it deserves a 10
Sound=10 : Excellent music, sounds, voice quality.
Violence=3 : Well, this one wasn't really violent was it?
Interactivity=0 : Obviously.
Humor=9 : Freaking funny man, keep it up!

OVERALL=10 : What else could I've done? This was GREAT! I'm very excited about the third one, make it fast!


this is one of the best ff movie i ever saw bt Phonix down dont revive ppl it juste remove ko(knout out) any wait cant wait for part3

It was as good as the real thing!!!

Like I said,"It was as good as the real thing!!!" It was very good I mean words can't even explain.Well that made my day and perhaps the weekend can't wait for the next one