Reviews for "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"


I couldn't stop smiling :3
I wuvs you <3
Moar!!1 :D

FolegAlmighty responds:

Aw, twoo wuv.

Moar delivar'd, sir. Check out my other stuffs!


I love the ending - it gets much better.

FolegAlmighty responds:

It's like sex that way.

Tht's funny :)

nice voice filling :)

FolegAlmighty responds:


HAHAHAHA..I needed that laugh.

This is not exactly very pretty or epic, but it made me laugh something fierce. I should give it a 10 just for that, but I can't, as it's not entirely original. Still, very cool.

FolegAlmighty responds:

It's as original as I could get without any real songwriting or instrumental talent. ;)


I Can't even begin to describe how much I love this!!!!

FolegAlmighty responds:

I'll listen to you TRY and describe... ;)