Reviews for "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"

Wow.. 80

Behold,the greatness of this song!! 80

FolegAlmighty responds:

Wow, some people just gave me a 10. You gave me an 80. You win.

You see in this world there are two kinds of ppl

those with loaded guns and those who dig, you dig...

amazing...nuff said

FolegAlmighty responds:

The Man with No Name...

Wow. just wow.

You made my wife turn around and say WTF? Great work!

FolegAlmighty responds:

Tell your wife thanks for the W's and the T's and the F's.

Oh, and thank you as well!


Good job. You have my Level 14, 5 Stars. And my ten. WOOT!

FolegAlmighty responds:

My level 1 self appreciates it!


I love you.

5/5 10/10

FolegAlmighty responds:

Will you marry me?