Reviews for "Rig, MRage, DS555 - Authority"


This is stunning... I feel like some impossibly powerful being wants to obliterate me... torment me until I don't even know which way is up, or if it's dark or light, or if what is coming through my ears is real or fantasy. This is scary. And I love it! Finish this leviathan of power as soon as time permits!


Rig responds:

We might, we might not...who knows? :P


Almost sounds like something you'd hear on Castle Crashers.
Too much guitar though.
Still. Great job. *Saves* =D


thats bad ass finish it soon so u can unleash the full badassness of it


begining was slow but overall it was a sick ass song epic and this could also fit into a video game like cod of gears or something. i love this song so much looking forward to seeing another song like this. plz make another one i crave it roflmao =)


It's a shame it never happened.
I agree, it would have been epic.
I hope you change your mind and actually get them to help finish again.<3