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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"


That was cool! I really like the 3d in this. Very clever.
Was it me though, or were the bears moving and not the bicycle? Oh well. Its still very good for flash.

RVWD responds:

the bears weren't moving;) thnx:)

that was fun

i got 1469...not that good. it had a nice song i think is by styx. the teddy bears were funny. although i had a few problems, collision detection is a little off. wen im turned as far left or right as i can be and theres a teddy bear there it looks like im passing it but i get hit and knocked down. if you make another, put in a larger course maybe some different kinds of obsticals. over all is was a great game with good graphics.5/5

RVWD responds:

wow, thnx!!

Truly Amazing

This was one of the best 3d flash work I have ever seen. Please make it better on the turning. That was also a classic song from Queen you put on. This should be in the driving game section.

RVWD responds:


too hard to control

my score is 2530