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Reviews for "Weird Bicycle Game"


I'm kind of a stickler with games, as most I find to hard or pointless or just..not fun, but I really, REALLY liked this! I kept giggling at the song in the background! If anything, the graphics could be a little improved, but really, everything else was great. =) Keep up the great work!!

RVWD responds:


Great game.

I love the music. Keep it up.

RVWD responds:

i will, thnx;)


This is just a really really great game. I love the song. I love the concept. Most of all I love the way the bears follow you.
A bit hard to control on a laptop, although.

RVWD responds:

sorry about that, it's time for you to buy a desktop pc 8-) ;) lol

"i want to ride my bycicle"...

nice graphics
like the song too.

RVWD responds:



Graphics (5) - copy-and-paste bears on a field...
Style (5) - I could barely see what was ahead of me. Make the screen a little bit wider.
Sound (10) - Wonderful!! I laughed so hard when the music started... and then the crashing noises sound so horrific it's comical.
Violence (2) - Because, you know... you crash.
Humor (10) - Teddy bears, a bicycle... what isn't there to laugh about?

Overall, a 9. This one is getting bookmarked.