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Reviews for "Clay Death - Episode 2"

Purdy good.

This is a very cool movie mat you said you wanted more suggestions well how about you have like a royal rumbul and theme music and on some of the more complicated seens switch into cartoon style animations.And MORE BLOOD.this move kicks ass!!!

incredibly cool clay movie!

I loved this movie it kicks ass!!
please make many more. 80)


this is a fukin masterpiece!
me too i'm startin whith claymovies, and this is is a great movie for look to........

yay for clay

i haven't seen the clay for along time...

...it brings back the dau of clay!!! yay

nice, but...

thumbs up for claymation. anybody who has tried it knows how hard it is. and claymation is rare on portal.

thumbs down for the pointless violence. could have used more than a hack-and-slash film. and work on those sound effects. they didn't seem to fit.