Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

Im flying im flying

Thats is sooo good.


This game is GREAT. The stalling problem makes the game seem more fun and realistic. I've played with 3 of my friends, and we all love it. If this goes as an online game here are a few ideas. Faster shooting,doubleshot,powerups,larger maps. This game brought me happiness because first i thought it would be a game of dog fighting eachother, then i played it, and realized, hey this is pretty fun! I got up to killing 4 pigeons then i went too fast and stalled. It's fun as hell with 2-4 people and it'd be great as an online game.
Good work man, you've proven your job as a game maker, this is going in my favorites...

The best multiplayer game on Newgrounds

This must be the best mp game on newgrounds. It's fun to play with friends and is very addicting! Easy but brilliant. Kept me playing till far after midnight. Please make another game like this, maybe with some extra features like bombs or something.


4-player dogfight, what do you think?


really cool game! loved to play it with 4 ppls., emm... nazi one? BLAM THAT XD