Reviews for "FAR 1/4"


very nice animation. i liked it. hehe him coming out of the water, very terminator like walking. gj.


that was great, not bad graphics, but make part 2 way longer than that, cus i gave u a low score on shortness, and make those ugly guys talk, they jus like, stand tall,looking retarded, other than that great work

great change of music

really great animation,im not sure of the story being it part 1 but anyways great start on a series that looks promising ^_^

Quite nice

First of all, i dont review other much but i felt compelled to write down, quite a nice piece of artwork man, you made me curious to see what else going to happen, keep up at your own pace and dont mind the bad reviews after all everyone should have his own style of drawning, and your is a quite good one im curious to see what is up next.


Why do you people bitch so much. This flash was better than most shit that goes through portal and had good graphics and animation. Only thing I agree with is the plot. You should just make 1 big episode isntead of 4 small episodes. I would understand if the file size was huge but its only 700 kb.