Reviews for "Freak: Episode 2"

Holy Shit!

Amazing job that was so realistic and very well done, the graphics adre amazing. Please make more of this piece of art!

just sweet

good storyline but something makes me think it was short, whatever, anyway thats the first time ive really seen a 3d flash that wasn't made by somebody named 3danimation and to let you know take your time making the third one cause we can wait


Evil Dog rocks!

I love the Punk-O-Matic, Freak One, and your music. I was waiting for this sequel and it blew me away. Thank you, Evil Dog.

Evil-Dog responds:

Steph and IceWolf rocks too, don'T forget that!

I do not remember giving a TEN before,

as I am a real prick when it comes to giving tens. You defenitely deserve this TEN!
I am not going to throw all of the superlatives that I'm sure have been hurled at you already. All I want to say is CONGRATULATIONS!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man, we appreciate it


you sir (madamm) are a genius pure fucking genius!!!