Reviews for "Freak: Episode 2"

This is definitely better than Part 1. Nice job!



well i saw episodes 1and2 and i got to say is not all that bad the plot is good and the story line is pretty straight forward the colors are good and the voice acting is also good,the music gives the story a little suspense which is a good thing but the only downfall was the fighting scenes on episode 1 on this episode the only impressive thing that got my attention was the way the demon kill the doctor's
son and the doctors way of hiding the chip was very clever.overall 9/10

This deserves my "Wow! Just...WOW!" Award.

Some guy makes a brilliant 3d animation about my favorite RPG universe, adding two wins on one video. That Some Guy is my hero!

This part 2 is miles beyond part 1, story and graphics wise. It even has pausing and subtitles options I'd say you could just skip straight to this one

A pity you haven't posted the sequel in years now, I'd love to see the Garou actually appear somewhere in the story.

One can always hope I guess.

Now that somethig new.

Don't let it so,make some more good episodes.