Reviews for "Fear Factory 2009"

(title in work)

Wow, this is an excellent track! I didn't even recognize it was from DKC, but then again, I haven't played that game in years. Anyway, absolutely love this tune, I think you did an awesome job with it. Good variation throughout the tune, and the piano mixed with electronic sounds really gives this a great feel. Saved!

"Fear Factory is such an awesome theme."

And u ruined it HAHA JUST KIDDING :P :P

Your remix is really awesome. I like the synths you chose for this. 5/5, 10/10; faved.


Well the song was fuckin awsome, but i thought it acctually had something to do with the band Fear Factory... O well this shit rocks too, keep up the good work !


This defenitly sounds like something off of donkey kong country, it has to have been improved alot though. I actuallu like it oo. Great job.


great soundscape you've set in this track.