Reviews for "Fear Factory 2009"


They just can't see that there's style in the verb of heyday game music. Low quality makes the sound better.


you got a good song and made into a great song


The bass line, the song progression, and especially the piano really stood out. It all was very natural, nothing seemed out of place, and it all flowed very smoothly. They should have had people like you back when they were making these games, seriously.


Not only is "Fear Factory" my favorite theme on Donkey Kong Country but you made an outstanding remix to it which i absolutely loved plus it was nearly 6 minutes long which is impressive in itself,it stayed true to the original but with a very trance like style with a great mix of high pitched & low pitched sounds,overall i think you did an outstanding job on this remix.


hmm i never really checked out any of your video genre songs, but after hearing this piece.... man.... looks like im going through ALL of ur songs now hehe, Nice job~!